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Deseeya Ayurvedic Pharmacy (dap) offers Panchakarmma and Sweda Sneha Kriya, Kerala’s special treatments, purificatory and rejuvanative therapies etc under the supervision of eminent and experienced Physicians and a team of well trained male and female therapists. Yoga and other alternative systems of therapy are also available for better and sustained effect of the prescribed courses of treatments. The treatments are programmed in such a way that the patients involve themselves in the healing process. Nutritive and balanced satvic food is served to the inmates. Extensive research programs are conducted in the centre of evaluating the efficiency of Ayurvedic and alternative therapies in chronic ailments.
  Some of the Swedakarma Kriyas we offer  
  Massaging the whole body with medicated oil for vitality, improving the blood circulation and texture of skin.  
  Massaging the body with small linen bags filled with herbal powder or leaves for various muscular and nervous disorders.  
Continuous irrigation of medicated oil or decoction over the forehead along with body massage employed for treating the disease of the head, insomnia, lack of memory, paraplegia, lack of vitality etc.
Retaining the medicated oil over the head by means of a special cap. An effective treatment for facial paralysis, speech problem, nervous disorders and insomnia.
Pouring medicated oil over the body which is an effective cure for Rheumatic complaints and disorders of the nervous system. It also rejuvenates the whole body.
A remedy for obesity. It is a whole body massage using dry herbal powders to reduce excess fat in the body. It also provides mobility to joints strengthens the muscles and refreshes the body.
The whole body is dipped in diluted and warm decoction of herbs after a short period of Abhyanga. This is effective in body pain especially low back pain and in some condition of skin diseases. It also improves the complexion and the skin texture.
As kind of enema with herbal decoction and or specially medicated oil. Highly useful in painful Rheumatic problem, nervous complaints, stomach disorders etc. It is one of the best purificatory processes.
  Medicated oil / ghee is poured into the nostrils in drops by means of a special dropper. It is one of the important Panchakarmma Kriya. An effective treatment for Migrane, Sinusitis, Spondylisis etc.  
  Banglore and Kalpetta branches have attached treatment centres where all the Ayurvedic treatments are available.  
  Treatment for rheumatic complaints internal medicines used  
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